Royersford Actor Plays a Prince in Global Streamed Event

Royersford Actor Plays a Prince in Global Streamed Event

ROYERSFORD PA – Royersford area resident Geoff Desiato (at top and left), who has worked since September 2018 as a full-time performer for Lancaster PA-based Sight & Sound Theatres, takes to its stage Sept. 4 (2020; Friday) to again play the role of Prince Admatha in the company’s current production of “Queen Esther.”

In a new development for Sight & Sound, however, the Sept. 4 show will be broadcast globally for the first time as a live pay-per-view event. Desiato and his fellow actors and actresses anticipate being able to reach a potential audience of millions of people.

During its more than 40-year history, Sight & Sound has specialized in offering live theatrical performances of Biblical stories at theaters in Lancaster and Branson MO. It once famously dramatized a production about Noah using an ark full of animals that surrounded its patrons. Its live-streaming project is called Sight & Sound TV.

As the latest Lancaster show, “Queen Esther” opened in March. It tells the story of a maiden who becomes a queen and saves her people from harm. In addition to the Sept. 4 production and its behind-the-scenes pre-show reports, Sight & Sound will offer three encore performances Sept. 5-6. Encores are specifically intended for viewers in other regions and time zones worldwide, Desiato explained.

The launch of Sight & Sound TV dovetails with precautions needed during the coronavirus pandemic. Its theaters are operating in both locations, the company’s website notes, but under strict health and safety provisions. Expanding its reach with live streaming may attract theater-goers who cannot, or are hesitant to, travel or be in crowds during the outbreak.

In addition to his acting work, Desiato is an ardent video blogger, and a real estate agent. Learn more about him at his websites: Acting Realtor TV, Discover SpringFord, and JumpStart!

Top photo from Geoff Desiato’s “Discover SpringFord” videos
Photo of Desiato as Prince Admatha from Sight & Sound Theatres