Fast Three: Snag A Bag of Great Reads, Business Stuff to Avoid Online, and Happy Birthday to Us

SANATOGA PA – The Post doesn’t play with the news, but we do experiment with it.

What you’re reading is “Fast Three,” The Post’s latest effort to keep readers informed and entertained. Our weekdays-only goal is to find three local newsworthy items daily between 11 a.m. and 1:55 p.m. (just shy of three hours), condense them into a fast read of three or fewer paragraphs each, and publish them by 2 p.m.

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A book sale, filled with mystery and intrigue

The Pottstown Regional Public Library hasn’t yet officially re-opened to patrons, but that won’t stop its Friends of the Library supporters from conducting what’s being labeled as a “pop-up” book sale on Friday (Aug. 28) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. near its front steps at 500 E. High St.

In past (meaning non-coronavirus) circumstances, book sales were occasionally held inside the library on its lower floor with access from a parking lot entrance. Buyers would wander around tables loaded with tomes and pick their bargains. That can’t happen now, of course, so the Friends are providing a fun and somewhat mysterious, chance-filled option.

Books will be pre-bagged by genre, at the even-a-miser-won’t-complain price of 10 paperbacks for $1. The mystery and chance? You won’t be able to choose what’s in the bag. Just tell the Friends what category you’re interested in; they’re starting with four: mysteries (how appropriate), kids’ books, romance, and over-sized or trade paperbacks. At a buck a bag, you can’t lose … so buy three and triple your odds of discovering a great author you haven’t read before.

Photo (at top) by silviarita, via Pixabay, used under license

Five business things you just shouldn’t do online

Many business owners and employees are accustomed, at least since March, to working and meeting remotely. Social distancing requirements make gatherings of the past impractical if not impossible. Yet the alternatives – Zooming, or WebExing, or whatever – leaves many folks feeling online-weary by week’s end. So we were intrigued by a Tuesday (Aug. 25, 2020) e-mail with advice from author Larry English.

He runs a company called Centric Consulting LLC that’s been operating remotely for more than 20 years, it said. He also wrote a book published in May, titled “Office Optional,” about how “companies struggle with setting employees free from the office without sacrificing culture,” according to GoodReads. In it, the e-mail added, English cites “five scenarios when (meeting) face-to-face is crucial.” Here are events he suggests avoiding online:

  • When you can’t afford ambiguity, especially in client relations, or when reaching big project milestones;
  • During 10 percent of the hiring process, when you’re evaluating for the soft skills and personality traits that are difficult to assess without meeting someone in person;
  • When networking and building new relationships, which often emerge through serendipitous encounters;
  • When team members are first getting to know each other; and
  • When there is recurring conflict within a project or group.

We’re singing Happy Birthday to us, a tad off-key (as usual)

We're singing Happy Birthday to us, a tad off-key (as usual)

A historical note: The Post today (Aug. 25) observes its 12th birthday, and starts its 13th year of serving western Montgomery County PA residents. Its first published article in 2008 introduced Managing Editor Joe Zlomek and its mission to cover local news. Sadly, that’s been lost to the ether over years of computer server crashes, but our goal remains unchanged.

We sincerely thank you, our readers and advertisers, for joining us daily on this shared journey.

Photo by C-66 via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license