County Treasurer Sets Virtual Upset Tax Sale Sept. 24-25

NORRISTOWN PA – Montgomery County’s 2020 Upset Real Estate Tax Sale, involving properties owned by parties considered “chronically delinquent” in paying taxes and who have outstanding tax balances over two or more years, will be held virtually Sept. 24 (2020; Thursday) from 10 a.m. to Sept. 25 (Friday) at 4:30 p.m. on the auction website, according to the county treasurer’s office.

Moving online is the first of two changes in sale procedures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Treasurer Jason Salus said. The second: municipalities and school districts alike had an opportunity to put a temporary hold on property sales within their jurisdictions.

Both delinquent taxpayers and local taxing districts were expected to be affected by the pandemic, he noted. Some taxing authorities rely on revenue generated by delinquent tax collections to supplement their budgets. He sought to let them determine if property sales “should move forward or be suspended.” So far, only three chose to postpone until 2021, Salus reported.

Additionally, since July – when more than 1,100 delinquent taxpayers received formal notice their parcels were eligible for sale – fewer than 600 remained on the sale list. A substantial number paid part or all of their tax delinquencies. Others entered into payment agreements potentially protecting their homes or businesses from sale.

The online sale is a first for the county, and possible the state, Salus claimed. “Tax sales are usually held in person in a packed courtroom, and we knew that couldn’t happen this year,” he said. Available properties may be commercial, industrial, and residential, or vacant land. Its sale list is updated daily, and may change up to the sale start date.

While the sale presents what he called “attractive opportunities for investors,” Salus advised bidders to complete their due diligence in advance. Upset sale are sold encumbered and include mortgages, liens, or other legal and financial obligations for which successful bidders may be held responsible.

All interested bidders must register with; download, complete, and file bidder certificates, and pay registration fees, with the county Tax Claim Bureau by no later than Sept. 21. For more information, call the bureau at 610-278-1216.

Composite image at top by The Post, with
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