Pottsgrove Board Welcomes New Junior Representative

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove High School junior Matthew Bechtel (at top), who is well-known in varsity wrestling but also is involved in baseball and as a student athletic trainer, was appointed Tuesday (Sept. 8, 2020) by the district school board as its junior class student representative.

He’ll serve in the role, in which he and senior class Representative Madison Palma report to the board on student-related matters, until June 2022.

In his application to become the board’s choice, Bechtel recognized wrestling Coach Jeff Madden as a positive influence. Madden helped him understand the value of always doing “the right thing,” even when no one’s watching, Bechtel wrote.

Unlike boards elsewhere who name well-qualified students as their liaisons in school halls, members of the Pottsgrove board have a history of relying on their representatives to give them unvarnished insight into what their classmates are thinking and feeling.

The reps have responded in kind, without naming names. Occasionally they’ve told board members what they may not have expected to hear, but that’s made the insight even more valuable, the board generally agrees.

Photo shamelessly filched” from Evan Brandt and his Twitter feed