In Township, They’re Not Always Man’s Best Friends

SANATOGA PA – Man’s best friends – not just dogs, by the way, but an assortment of animals great and small – kept Lower Pottsgrove’s animal control contractors busy during August (2020), according to the township police department’s monthly report of calls for service.

John and Tracy Daywalt provide animal control assistance for Lower Pottsgrove and many other municipalities across Montgomery County, usually at an annual fixed rate. But to solve local problems with animals the township requires the police department be contacted first, and it will dispatch animal control as needed. Although residents cannot contact the Daywalts directly, they maintain a Facebook page here.

Last month they were dispatched for 15 calls, a rate of one every two days, the police report noted. It included:

  • 6 regarding reports of animal complaints;
  • 3 for miscellaneous animal complaints;
  • 2 for barking dogs; and
  • 1 each for a found animal, a lost animal (there was no indication if the same or different animals were involved), a dog bite, and a stray animal.

Got an animal problem where you live in Lower Pottsgrove? The police department phone number is 610) 326-1508.

Photo by Capri23auto via Pixabay, used under license