Sanatoga Greene Project Prepares to Break Ground

Developer Ted Drauschak (at top left) discussed Phase 1 of the Sanatoga Greene project during August 2018 with members of the Lower Pottsgrove Planning Commission

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – It’s “crunch time now,” Lower Pottsgrove engineering representative Chad Camburn told the township Board of Commissioners on Tuesday (Sept. 8, 2020). His employer, Bursich Associates, and township Solicitor Charles Garner are verifying details in thousands of pages of legal and plan documents as the Sanatoga Greene mixed-use development on Evergreen Road prepares to break ground.

Recent weeks “have been very, very busy,” township Manager Ed Wagner agreed, as he, Garner, Camburn and others double-check all the proposal’s first-phase details. Sanatoga Greene developers are committed to ensure some townhouse construction sites await its builder before year’s end, Camburn said. That’s put pressure on those involved to work for a fall ground-breaking.

Construction of 147 townhouse units, part of the massive residential-and-commercial mix proposed to be built along a stretch on the west side of Evergreen, was initially approved by commissioners in December 2018. Subsequent changes reduced the number of units to 131, under a revised plan that won the board’s conditional approval on July 6 (2020).

There are reams of paperwork to be finished in just this first round, Wagner noted. Garner as of Tuesday was in the process of reviewing eight different agreements with the developers, covering storm water management, grading, trail and sewer easements, and more. “There’s a lot of moving parts,” Wagner noted. Ensuring each approved detail is well-documented is crucially important for the township’s legal protection, Camburn added.

Lower Pottsgrove’s bottom line will get a boost too, beyond economic improvements commissioners hope accompany the project. Fees, escrows, and payments to the township, associated with portions of the plans, could amount to about $1.52 million, according to Wagner.

Once everything is signed and delivered, Camburn said, several construction crews from the H&K Group – which also is involved in the development – are expected to begin working at once.

Project investor and spokesman Ted Drauschak earlier told the township Planning Commission it would be most efficient to complete as much grading as early as possible. Camburn confirmed H&K had already created what seemed to be a “very efficient” schedule for grading and other work. A monthly report he distributed to commissioners stated that “clearing and earth-moving are anticipated to commence in September following a pre-construction meeting.”

Part of the construction planning also includes upgrades to the existing sewer pump station located at the south edge of Sanatoga Lake on South Sanatoga Road, the report said. Meanwhile, plans for Sanatoga Greene’s proposed medical office buildings (the project’s second phase) and apartments (third phase) remain under review.

Archive photo by The Post