Police Department to Join in No-Shave November Event

SANATOGA PA – If you see an extra whisker or two, and probably far more than that, growing from the chins of some Lower Pottsgrove police officers and sergeants next month, don’t think of the look as scruffy. Instead, consider it life-saving.

Volunteers on the police department staff, with the Monday night (Oct. 5, 2020) approval of the township Board of Commissioners, will participate in an annual fund-raising event called “No-Shave November.” For a full 30 days they’ll put away razors and embrace facial hair for a good cause, Acting Police Chief Lt. William James said: creating awareness and funding research of male-specific cancers.

Neatly trimmed beards, goatees, and mustaches all will be allowed among members of the force during the no-shave period, organized every year by the California-based Matthew Hill Foundation Inc. The money volunteers might spend on grooming and shaving, its No-Shave November website says, will be donated “to support cancer prevention, research, and education.”

The foundation is using 2020 no-shave proceeds to financially support the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Fight Colorectal Cancer initiative, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In return, it suggests, officers and others can let their hair “grow wild and free.”

Well, not quite; at least, not on the police force.

Board members unanimously favored the idea. Their lengthily bearded colleague, no-shave believer Commissioner Robert Mohollen (at top), openly joked he’d be the last to vote against it. In giving its thumbs-up to the campaign, though, the board also approved a directive granting only a limited-time waiver from portions of the department’s “professional appearance” section in its Code of Conduct policy.

The directive holds open the possibility that future no-shave events are possible.

Mohollen photo by The Post; logo from a No-Shave November promotional poster