Police Halt Target Shooting, Fearing Ricochet Rounds

DOUGLASS (BERKS) TOWNSHIP PA – Shots being fired at targets legally placed on private property, but which may have been ricocheting toward neighboring homes and real estate, brought Douglass (Berks) Township Police Department officers out Friday (Oct. 2, 2020) in response to a 2 p.m. call in the area of Farmington and Reading avenues, according to the department’s CrimeWatch website.

During the call, police were told “gun fire and what sounded like rounds whizzing by” were being heard in the area. They located the gun fire at a property in the 2200 block of Farmington, and spoke with “with the involved parties who were within their property lines.” A backstop and targets were set up there, one officer observed.

The officer told the involved parties there “was a good possibility that rounds from their firearms where ricocheting off of rocks.” Their backstop, the officer added, “was not sufficient enough to stop the type of rounds they were shooting … They needed to be able to account for every round that they shoot,” they were reminded.

There was no indication citations were issued. The initial caller requested only that the target shooters be advised “of the safety concerns and the severity of the consequences if one of their rounds were to harm someone.”

“Target shooting was ended for the day until a safer scenario could be implemented,” police added.

Photo by Charly_7777 via Pixabay, used under license