Senate OKs Three Mensch-Written or Supported Bills

HARRISBURG PA – The state Senate so far this week has approved three different bills dealing with child pornography, health care accessibility, and workers with disabilities, all of which were either supported or written by 24th District Sen. Bob Mensch (at top), who represents constituents in the Pottstown and Perkiomen Valley areas.

Legislation supported by Mensch includes:

  • Senate Bill 1075, which would increase penalties in all cases of child pornography in which the child is younger than age 10, or prepubescent, as well as create a special Task Force on Child Pornography;
  • Senate Bill 890, also written by Mensch, which would ensure employees with disabilities can continue to work without the risk of losing access to health care benefits; and
  • Senate Bill 1268, to continue careers in the medical field by allowing temporary nurse aides hired during the coronavirus emergency declaration to receive certification and keep working.

All three have moved the House of Representatives for consideration. None can become law until also approved by the House and signed by the governor.

Photo supplied by Sen. Mensch’s office