West End Video Teaches Pottsgrove Kids Fire Safety

Fire safety demonstrated by the West End Fire Company in Stowe

STOWE PA – Under normal circumstances, West Pottsgrove Elementary School Principal Steve Sieller explains, the school staff and its students would observe October as Fire Prevention Month with an assembly focused on safety. Volunteers from local fire companies might drive up in their shiny trucks, the youngsters could enjoy a tour of the equipment, and they’d learn to avoid fire dangers.

Unfortunately, this year of coronavirus represents anything but normality.

“We weren’t able to host the assembly together in person this year,” Sieller acknowledged Monday (Oct. 19, 2020) in an e-mail, “but we are very grateful that our friends at the West End Fire Company took the time to share their important message in a different way,” he added.

The company produced a a roughly 8-minute fire prevention video that is viewable online, and it used the school building, one of its classrooms, and its gym as stages. It re-enacts a faux call, then shows how a fireman searches throughout the building for people. It also “undresses” a volunteer to show all the items he wears for protection.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of” when students see a firefighter, they noted.

The video also relies on cartoon footage featuring Sparky the Firedog to discuss practicing a fire safety plan at home, never returning to a burning building for any reason, and keeping away from fire sources. Finally, a volunteer demonstrates the familiar “stop, drop, and roll” mantra to extinguish flames on the body. It also adds a step – “cover your face” – to avoid fire and smoke injury or inhalation.

Watch the video above, or see it at the YouTube channel of SLPhotography19, here.

Video and photo still provided by the West End Fire Company, via West Pottsgrove Elementary School