Maryland Solar Installer Opens Local Office

PALM PA – Maryland-based Lumina Solar, a company that specializes in the installation of residential solar power units for generating home-use electricity, has opened a new office at 1004 Gravel Pike in Palm, between East Greenville and Hereford, it announced Monday (Oct. 19, 2020) in a media release. The company also said it was hiring qualified personnel for its expansion into Pennsylvania.

Gilbertsville resident Jeremiah Geib, the company’s director of electrical and engineering, said his employer was “really excited to help build up solar locally, hire locally, and give back to our local community.”

Pennsylvania ranks 22nd nationwide among states with home solar installations, the company reported, due in part to what it claimed were “poor government incentives, tax strategies, and energy provider roadblocks.” Its marketing executive, Mark Donoghue, can be reached by phone at 800-971-6118 or by e-mail at

Solar installer photo by Kristian Buus via Wikimedia and Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license