Presidency Hinges On Tight Races; See Local Municipal Totals, So Far

WASHINGTON DC – The fate of the United States presidency hung in the balance Wednesday morning, according to the Associated Press, as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden battled for three familiar battleground states. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan could prove crucial in determining who wins the White House, it reported.

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Here’s how presidential candidates fared locally

NORRISTOWN PA – Preliminary and unofficial Montgomery County general election results from Tuesday (Nov. 3, 2020) appear to show Joe Biden winning the presidential race in the county overall, with 251,792 votes; compared to Donald Trump with 163,046, and Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen with 4,050.

However, the still-unverified election tallies last reported Wednesday morning (Nov. 4) by the county Voter Services Department may not yet include a significant number of all relevant mail-in ballots cast county-wide. They are still being counted, and updated almost hourly, so a final tally may be subject to change.

In western Montgomery County voting so far by municipality, Voter Services reports:

MunicipalityBiden VotesTrump VotesJorgensen Votes
Douglass (Mont)1,8483,38946
East Greenville57769625
Green Lane1081526
Lower Frederick1,1401,32438
Lower Pottsgrove2,8662,95270
Lower Salford4,1214,23699
New Hanover2,5263,70464
Upper Frederick7281,06523
Upper Pottsgrove1,3661,41530
Upper Providence6,0285,058133
Upper Salford6541,03421
West Pottsgrove66378030

Presidential seal illustration from janeb13, via Pixabay, under under license
Joe Biden photo supplied by the Biden campaign via Wikimedia, used under a Creative Commons license
Donald Trump photo by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr and Wikimedia, used under a Creative Commons license