Former Fall Beauty, Foliage Now a Storm Sewer Problem

ROYERSFORD PA – Now that local fall foliage is well past its peak, tree leaves are fluttering to the ground and into roadside storm drains, Pennsylvania American Water reminded its customers and residents Tuesday (Nov. 10, 2020) in the Royersford and Phoenixville areas. It’s important to help keep drains clear, the company’s senior operations manager in southeastern Pennsylvania said.

Please clear leaves and other debris from yards and sidewalks, by raking it into bags for proper disposal or collection,” Pennsylvania American’s James Gable asked. “Leaves, branches and grass clippings should never be blown or raked into the street where they can enter storm drains. Leaves that enter storm drains clog pipes, and can eventually lead to sewer backups and street flooding.”

Pennsylvania American waste water customers can report suspected sewer overflows by calling 1-800-565-7292.

Leaf clutter presents an environmental problem, too, Gable added. Any leaves that remain inside storm drains will eventually decay, sending excess nutrients into local waterways. The additional nutrients act like fertilizer, which can lead to excessive algae growth and fish kills, along with other water quality-related issues.

The company asks local home owners to:

  • Never rake or blow leaves into streets, ditches or storm drains;
  • Place collected leaves and yard debris at curbside on designated collection days;
  • Mow over leaves to create a finely chopped mulch to feed your lawns; and
  • Put fallen leaves and other organic debris into a compost bin.

Photo by The Post