Pottsgrove Board OKs Three Student Teacher Placements

The West Chester University students will work with teachers in classes for kindergarten (at top), first, and fourth grades, and special education

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Three student teachers who attend West Chester University have been approved by the Pottsgrove School District Board of School Directors for teaching assignments that, depending on the individual, will range from late January through mid-May 2021. Four different Pottsgrove teachers have agreed to work with them and provide oversight.

Learning the ropes of the teaching profession first-hand will be:

  • Aimee Jorett, working with cooperating first grade teacher Joan Kabakjian at West Pottsgrove Elementary School from Jan. 27 to May 13;
  • Rayanna Ramsey, working with kindergarten teacher Danielle Frey, also at West Pottsgrove during the same period;
  • Riley Mintzer, working with fourth grade Allison Bainbridge at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary from Jan. 27 to March 19; and
  • Mintzer again, working with special education teacher Victoria Sarian at Pottsgrove Middle School, from March 22 to May 13.

The board’s vote on student teacher placements occurred during its Nov. 10 meeting.

Photo by AllaSerebrina via Deposit Photos, used under license