Arboretum Recycling Event Attracted 20 Tons of Junk

TONS OF REASONS TO CELEBRATE – Saturday’s (Nov. 21, 2020) collection by Althouse Arboretum of electronics brought in by area residents to be recycled was what its workers might consider a heavy success. Staff members and a crew of “dedicated student volunteers looking to make this planet a little more sustainable” collected more than 20 tons, it said, of almost anything else with a switch and a plug. Line waits were short, usually lasting between only 5 and 10 minutes, thanks to the workers’ efficiency, it added. Participants paid a minor fee for the joy of having someone take their gizmos of their hands, and the Philadelphia-based company PAR RecycleWorks handled the materials for recycling and proper disposal. Another electronics and appliance recycling day is planned for early Spring 2021, according to arboretum leaders.

Photo supplied by Althouse Arboretum