Phoenixville Ends Permits for Bridge Street Dining

By Meghan Drakas
For The Post

Phoenixville Ends Permits for Bridge Street Dining
White cars in purple rectangles indicate merchant curbside pick-up areas for businesses in Phoenixville borough. Several were recently added to help accommodate holidays-and-later activity

PHOENIXVILLE PA – Restaurant and food service providers in Phoenixville, who since June have been able to offer patrons the opportunity to dine outdoors on Bridge Street sidewalks under “temporary open-air setup” permits authorized by the borough, lost that permission Monday (Dec. 7, 2020). The arrival of cold weather, and “increasing cases of COVID-19” prompted an end the program, its website said.

The shutdown of 2020-issued permits had been planned for Dec. 21, but was moved ahead as the coronavirus pandemic surged. The good news for these businesses? On its Facebook page, Phoenixville acknowledged it is already contemplating a return of permits for 2021. Public comment on the proposal is being encouraged.

The permit decision may have little impact on restaurants that can accommodate outdoor dining on their own properties, which has been accepted by Chester County since early summer. For those who lack the necessary space, however, the loss of street-side tables puts some of them back into take-out and curbside pick-up business models.

The borough is trying to help with that too. It added extra “15-minute curbside … parking spaces in the downtown to aide with the pickup of curbside business during the winter months,” the website noted. A map of those locations, indicated by purple rectangles with car images, appears above.

“We very much appreciate everyone’s support,” the borough stated, “and want to thank you for your commitment to our community.”

Photo by FineShine via Deposit Photos, used under license
Reported by Meghan Drakas for The Post; learn more about her, here.