Thefts from Vehicles Still Plague Douglass (Berks)

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – There’s been another rash of thefts from vehicles since Monday (Dec. 7, 2020) in Douglass (Berks) Township, the township police department reported on its CrimeWatch website.

Police said several cars were broken into Tuesday (Dec. 8) at about what they judged to be 6 a.m. The report did not offer specific locations on those crimes.

However, it added that others thefts occurred Monday evening and during early morning hours Tuesday in the parking lot of Iron Stone House Apartments, 2152 Farmington Ave. In the two instances there, both parties said their vehicles had ben locked, and items were taken from them as well.

The department acknowledges it’s seen an increase in theft from vehicles incidents. It continues to urge residents to ensure their vehicles are locked and “to remove anything of value and take it inside.” It also asked residents to keep an eye open for “anything suspicious,” and to promptly notify police by calling 610-367-9474.

Photo by Vitalik Radko via Deposit Photo, used under license