Missing A Ring? Upper Providence Police May Have It; Call First

UPPER PROVIDENCE PA – If you’ve been missing an engagement ring since April (2020), one that maybe you lost while shopping, you’re probably still at wits’ end over the loss. Maybe the Upper Providence Police Department can help you regain your sanity.

The ring – it wasn’t described in any way, but it likely represents romantic value for someone – is being held by the police department. It apparently was at the Wegmans’ food store, 600 Commerce Dr., in Collegeville’s Providence Towne Center. Police, in a report Monday (Dec. 7, 2020) on their CrimeWatch website, did not say how or when it came into their possession but they’re diligently trying to locate the owner.

If you think the ring is yours, or you believe you know who might own it, the department asks you to call at 610-933-7899. Be prepared, of course, to describe the ring and maybe the circumstances of its loss in detail. Having a photo of it as proof might help, too.

The advance phone call is important, though, because you are no longer allowed to physically enter the police station or township administration lobbies. Both were closed as of Monday, the department noted, due to the area’s increase of COVID-19 cases. All township meetings are held virtually, and in-person interactions with department members is being limited.

Photo by the Upper Providence Police Department via Facebook