Sanatoga Greene Blasting Scheduled This Week

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – In an effort to clear land and shape terrain for the Sanatoga Greene mixed-use residential and commercial development, now being built on Evergreen Road, explosives blasting to dislodge rock formations began this month. It was expected to continue “several times this week,” (Dec. 7-13) township Manager Ed Wagner told the Board of Commissioners during its Monday (Dec. 7) meeting.

Sanatoga Greene developers received conditional approval of a revised townhouse plan for 131 units on July 6, and earlier final approval in December 2018.

Sanatoga Greene Blasting Scheduled This Week

Clearing and installation of erosion and sedimentation controls began in October, according to township engineering representative Chad Camburn. Construction efforts since then have begun to contour hillsides, add entrance drives, and harvest wood products (above and below). Additional shop drawings have been submitted and reviewed as the work progresses, Camburn noted.

Sanatoga Greene Blasting Scheduled This Week

Meanwhile, as the first residential structures rise to meet the developers’ commitment to have homes ready for marketing next spring, it has begun advertising space availability in its two planned medical office buildings.

They’re being promoted as “dedicated for medical use and/or ambulatory care centers to be leased … to a credit worthy regional healthcare group seeking to expand their presence in the existing market or enter this high potential market.” One of the project’s primary benefits, the promotional reading adds, is “its approvals to immediately move forward with development.”

Representatives for development company Castle Sanatoga LLC earlier told commissioners they were negotiating with a hospital-like organization for a major presence in the office buildings.

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