Ciresi Joins In Re-Writing Restaurants’ Grant Relief Bill

HARRISBURG PA – Proposed legislation to provide grant funding for bars and restaurants suffering from restrictions and forced closures intended to stop the spread of coronavirus is expected to be re-introduced to the state Legislature by 146th District state Rep. Joe Ciresi and Rep. Tina Davis, the newly elected House Democratic Caucus Secretary for 2021-22, Ciresi’s office said Friday (Dec. 18, 2020).

A similar bill was presented to the House Commerce Committee during the summer, but died without action as the year ended. A new version has been revised to furnish money from Pennsylvania’s Rainy Day Fund, rather than now depleted federal CARES Act, and also to increase overall funding to $200 million. Ciresi reported he and Davis “rolled up our sleeves” and worked on the re-write.

Restaurants and bars that played a role by helping to stop COVID-19 also have “paid a devastating financial cost,” Davis said. The industry’s “temporary suspension during the holiday season, although necessary, is yet another blow,” she added.

The two are “hopeful this version will earn consideration,” Ciresi said.

Photo by James DeMers via Pixabay, used under license