Completed Ludwig Road Bridge Re-Opens in New Hanover

NEW HANOVER PA – Montgomery County’s holiday gift to New Hanover Township arrived on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24, 2020), in the form of a re-opening for the on-time, on-budget, and now-completed Ludwig Road bridge reconstruction across Schlegel Creek, the county Board of Commissioners reported.

The new bridge is now 41-feet wide, with two 10-foot-wide lanes and shoulders. Its vertical wall barriers display architectural treatment on both faces. Upgrades include asphalt paving, guide rail installation, line painting, and reinforcement of the shoulders. The existing substructure was also rehabilitated.

Although the bridge is available to traffic after several months, the work there isn’t yet done, according to the county. Finishing touches that can’t be completed due to freezing conditions – items like standing the vertical walls and coating the bridge railing with a sealer – will be part of the project for 2021, without the need for again closing the bridge or creating detours.

The reconstruction under county-approved engineering design plans involved the county Roads and Bridges Department, Whitney Bailey, Cox & Magnani, McCormick Taylor and McTish, and Kunkle & Associates. Funding for the bridge was supplied by the county’s $5 motor vehicle registration fee.

Since 2012, the county said it has completed 29 bridge projects. in the coming year, 20 active bridge projects will be in design, three are under way in construction, and 10 others are anticipated to begin construction. Its Roads and Bridges Department maintains 133 bridges and more than 75 miles of road.

Photo supplied by Montgomery County