Business Women’s Fund Drive Aids Service Organization

POTTSTOWN WOMEN MEET YEAR-END GOAL – Members of the Pottstown chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women’s business networking group, this month raised $1,000 to help the Keystone AMBUCS buy a custom-made Amtryke Adaptive Tryke for one of its recipients. The tricycles are individually manufactured for children and adults, and are provided by the local AMBUCS non-profit service organization as part of its mission to enhance mobility for people with disabilities. A check for the fund-raising proceeds was presented during the AMBUCS’ December (2020) luncheon by Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter Managing Director Donna Manley to Keystone AMBUCS representative Cathi Marcheskie Maziarz. For more information about Polka Dot Powerhouse, send Manley an e-mail to

Photo supplied by the Polka Dot Powerhouse, Pottstown chapter