Douglass (Berks) Police Award Ticket for Trashy Act

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – An individual who reportedly admitted to local littering picked up a different kind of paper last week – a non-traffic citation issued the by Douglass (Berks) Police Department – for dropping garbage across portions of the township’s Ganshahawny Park between Old Philadelphia Pike and the Schuylkill River.

The department, on its CrimeWatch website, said its officer responded Dec. 26 (2020) to a call that alleged someone was “potentially dumping trash in the 300 block of Old Philadelphia Pike.” An arriving officer spotted “multiple trash bags near the entrance to Ganshahawny Park and more trash all the way down the entrance into the parking area.”

Then police litter-ally began sorting through the junk for clues. They found them, too; multiple pieces of discarded mail were discovered within the bags, all bearing the same name and address. That’s where a patrol unit headed next, and met with an occupant there whom the department report did not identify by name.

The individual “admitted to dumping the trash at the park,” the report stated, and was issued a ticket for “scattering rubbish.”

Illustration photo by Pere Serrat via Pixabay, used under license