Police Job Applications Overwhelm Lower Frederick

LOWER FREDERICK PA – In response to advertisements to hire a new officer the Lower Frederick Police Department received a total of 75 applications, “the largest pool of applicants in the 12 years I’ve been here,” police Chief Paul Maxey told the township Board of Supervisors during its Tuesday night meeting.

“I’m really happy with that,” he added. “They’re all really outstanding. I know of townships three times our size that sometimes don’t get 75.” Supervisors, hearing the chief’s report, seemed pleased too.

The department has already winnowed through the pile of job-seekers to find the 21 most suitable, he told the board. Tougher work will come over four days during the next two weeks, according to the chief, as each of the 21 are contacted and undergo a first round of screening. Of them, 10 will be chosen for in-person interviews.

Last on the task list are further testing and finalist interviews by Maxey and township Manager Mark Hudson with the top two choices, the chief noted. No prospective date was mentioned for presenting a final choice to supervisors for hiring approval.

Police Badge from Lower Frederick Township
Patrol lights photo by tevenet via Pixabay, used under license