Board: Plow Truck Damages Welsh Drive Mailboxes

SANATOGA PA – The driver of a snow plow hired by Lower Pottsgrove to help clear its roads may have been moving a little too fast on Welsh Drive, and maybe a little to close to its curb during the last winter storm, the township Board of Commissioners heard Monday (Jan. 4, 2021).

Several Welsh Drive homeowners complained the plow had wrecked mailboxes and tossed mounds of snow “20 feet back onto their property,” board President Bruce Foltz reported. The plow is owned by the H&K Group Inc. of Skippack, according to township Manager Ed Wagner. It’s encountered the same problem elsewhere twice before, with the same driver, he added.

Both Foltz and commissioner Robert Mohollen said they live in the vicinity and witnessed some of the damage. Mohollen said a steel pole anchored in concrete, which served as a mailbox stand outside his home, was among items hit by a plow blade as it came through.

Welsh Drive starts at an intersection with North Pleasant View Road on the township’s east side, across from Coventry Christian Schools, and continues along several turns to a dead end. Cars in the neighborhood are occasionally parked on the street; none of them were reported damaged.

Wagner said he suspected the plow tip caught the rolled edge of curbing on the drive, forcing the blade to ride higher than usual and causing some of the damage. He and township Director of Utilities John Fogel talked personally with the driver, Wagner noted, and offered advice to avoid future problems. Their suggestions included slowing the truck somewhat, and to avoid plowing from curb to curb.

“We’ve been on top of it,” Wagner assured commissioners.

Photo by Foto Emotions via Pixabay, used under license