19 Hours Later, 2nd Crash Occurs Near Turkey Hill

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – One driver reportedly suffered a hand injury and received treatment from a Goodwill Ambulance crew, after a two-vehicle accident that occurred Wednesday (Jan. 13, 2021) at 9:19 a.m. on East High Street just west of Rupert Road in the township. The collision followed an unrelated accident that occurred only 19 hours earlier between a bus and a pick-up truck in the same general area.

Lower Pottsgrove police said an older model Chevrolet pick-up truck was exiting the driveway at the Turkey Hill convenience store, 3051 East High St., when it collided with a Jeep Compass sport utility vehicle. Airbags inside the Compass deployed. Both vehicles incurred damage that rendered them immobile. A Sanatoga Auto Body two truck removed them from the scene.

The second driver, police said, appeared to be uninjured. Police did not indicate if any offenses were committed, or tickets issued. Names of the drivers involved were not immediately available.

The resulting crash caused fluids to leak across the highway. Sanatoga and Ringing Hill firefighters responded to the location to perform clean-up work.

As the tow truck prepared to move off, they mentioned the earlier (Tuesday afternoon) incident. A few said they hoped the area surrounding the East High and Rupert intersection did not become an accident “hot spot,” as it did several years ago when multiple crashes occurred there with a short period of time.

19 Hours Later, 2nd Crash Occurs Near Turkey Hill

Photos by The Post