Ending Disputes, Silencing Noises Part of December Police Work

SANATOGA PA – It may have been the holiday blues. Or maybe the winter doldrums. Or, possibly, being cooped up at home because of the pandemic. Whatever the causes, Lower Pottsgrove Police Department officers responded to 29 different disturbances between families, neighbors, and other quarrelers during December (2020), the acting police chief’s report indicates.

Township officers turned out to 14 domestic disturbances, usually arguments or altercations between occupants of the same household. They got called for 11 “other” disturbances, too – fights and disputes – over any number of issues. Police also handled one dispute between neighbors, and one involving a juvenile.

They quieted local noise offenders as well. Two disturbances handled involved overly loud parties, televisions, or radios.

The disturbance data is part of a monthly report recently submitted by Acting Chief William James to the township Board of Commissioners. His multi-page document includes department coverage of all calls for service within the past month, as listed by Pennsylvania’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) codes.

Also, according to reporting information selected by The Post, the department in December:

  • Pursued clues in the armed robbery of a gas station. Detectives are “making progress on identifying the actors,” the chief noted;
  • Investigated one alleged rape, four reports of sex offenses, and one sex offense other than rape or prostitution;
  • Dealt with eight theft or attempted theft cases, with goods or services ranging in value from less than $50 to $200 and more;
  • Responded to 21 motor vehicle incidents, including four accidents, one crash involving another vehicle in which one or more people were injured, eight crashes involving other motor vehicles but without injuries, five crashes with a fixed object (such as a utility pole or guard rail) without injuries, and three other crashes without injuries;
  • Checked out an assortment of 25 different suspicious persons, automobiles, or circumstances;
  • Found two lost animals, and addressed seven other animal-related complaints; and
  • Acted on 19 traffic complaints.

Overall, the department incurred 1,122 UCR-coded calls in the month, commissioners learned at their Jan. 4 meeting.

The department provided mutual assistance on seven occasions to the Limerick, Upper Pottsgrove, and Pottstown police departments, and the Pennsylvania State Police. It also benefited from mutual aid rendered by other departments while Lower Pottsgrove endured a coronavirus-related manpower shortage, James said earlier.

Photo by Tony Webster via WikiMedia, used under a Creative Commons license