Local Scholars Lauded for College Activities, Grades

POTTSTOWN PA – Fifty-six residents of Pottstown, Royersford, and Limerick have been honored for academic achievements during the latest semester, as reported through Sunday (Jan. 24, 2021) by their respective colleges and universities.

Pottsgrove Grad Contributes to Research

Lebanon Valley College and Pottsgrove High School graduate Molly Galvin of Pottstown is one of nine Lebanon Valley students who contributed to student-faculty research presented as research posters at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in Boston MA.

Galvin, who earned a bachelor of science degree, contributed to a project titled “Developmental Trends in Assessing Grit.” It aimed to assess the difference between self and observer reports of grit within two different age groups, and to evaluate how any disparity between these ratings interact with other psychological variables.

Pottstown Native Helps Earn Society Award

Pottstown native Anita Zuberecz helped Alvernia University earn a third consecutive award from the International English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta, for the work on the university’s literary arts journal, Zephyrus. It placed third as part of the recent Outstanding Literary Arts Journal contest. Its 2018 and 2019 editions of the publication both received second place.

Zuberecz studied Healthcare Science at Alvernia during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Zephyrus is a student-run publication composed of unique art, poetry, short stories, photographs, and videos from across the Alvernia student body. The creativity of students like Zuberecz “has been recognized as top-quality three years running,” said faculty adviser and Associate Professor of English Dr. Thomas Bierowski. “They have put Alvernia on the creative map, big time.”

Named to dean’s or president’s lists

At East Stroudsburg University: Sarah Rybacki, Christina Hart, Sydney Peet, Maya White, Mikayla DeStefano, and Malik Smith, all of Pottstown; and James Stanfield from Royersford.

At Shenandoah University: Bradley Blanchard and Alison Dede, both of Pottstown.

At Coastal Carolina University: Emma Oswald of Pottstown, and Lindsay Lachenmayer of Royersford.

At Alvernia University: Nicole MacMullin, Rafiea Rafique, Cheyanne Weston, Megan Freed, Alicia Dengler, Taylor Cook, Kay’Lah Pearson-Moore, Sabrina Gleason, Miranda Bonikowski, and Nicole Caruso, all of Pottstown; Mikaela McGurkin and Quinn Tobin, both of Royersford; and Samantha Canfield of Limerick.

At Bloomsburg University: Patrick Agnew, James Calvario, Amanda Conrad, Adam Girafalco, Mackenzie Haley, Kathryn Henriksen, Lauryn Moddrel, Chloe Sullivan, Logan Baker, Sarah Davis, Haley Leimbach, and Jennifer Weston, all from Pottstown; Kaitlin Atkinson, Regina Crisci, Rebecca Cubbler, Emma Gaal, Kathryn Johns, Mikayla Lynch, Molly Shoudt, Lauren Stenson, Victoria Trebicka, and Lauren Young, all from Royersford; and Noah Cancro from Limerick.

At Lock Haven University: Cyenna Fagley, Cassandra Keller, Ashley Rohr, and Austin Spencer, all of Pottstown; and Jadon Dunham of Royersford.

At the College of Charleston: Bridget Mayza of Pottstown and Lily Nowakowski of Royersford, both to its president’s list.

Photo by Conger Design via Pixabay, used under license