Douglass (Berks) Police Arrest on DUI Offenses

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – A February court appearance is scheduled for a 54-year-old Reading PA man, according to court records, who was arrested on alleged intoxicated driving charges brought by the Douglass (Berks) Township Police Department, its CrimeWatch website reported Tuesday (Jan. 26, 2021).

Edgardo Colon faces two separate counts of driving under the influence, failure to stop at a red signal, careless driving, possessing an open alcoholic beverage, driving without a license, and driving while operating privileges are suspended or revoked.

The department stated officers were dispatched Dec. 23 (2020) at 5:56 p.m. to the scene of a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Broadmoor Boulevard and Benjamin Franklin Highway. They arrived and, during their investigation, allegedly found Colon to be intoxicated. “He was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI,” the report said.

Police later learned “Colon’s driving privileges were already suspended for a previous DUI conviction,” it added.

Photo from the Douglass (Berks) Township Police webpage