Valley Scholars Lauded for College Activities, Grades

One hundred and two residents of Collegeville, Trappe, Schwenksville, Harleysville, Pennsburg, and Green Lane have been honored for academic achievements during the latest semester, as reported through Sunday (Jan. 31, 2021) by their respective colleges and universities.

Scholarships earned

Jordan Brechbill of Schwenksville has been awarded three scholarships – from the Edward Lamb Foundation Equestrian Scholarship Endowment Fund, Bundy-Keck Scholarship Endowment Fund, and Western Equestrian Operating Scholarship – for the 2020-2021 academic year at the University of Findlay.

Also at Findlay for the same period, Maria Kochel of Trappe was awarded an Western Equestrian Operating Scholarship.

Named to dean’s or president’s lists

At Becker College: Alexander Loss of Collegeville.

At Bryant University: Julia Ayres of Collegeville.

At York College of Pennsylvania: Bianca Caresosa, Kerri Drum, Erin Gibson, Jarrod Marenger, Christopher Sangiuliano, Zachary Stengel, Emily Ward, Samantha Weil-Kaspar, and Thomas Wessner, all of Collegeville; Deanna Cusumano, Jessica Cusumano, Joe Deschamp, Ashley Hudak, Hunter Hudak, and Lauren Ostermann, all of Schwenksville; and Joanna Gorrell, Mariagrazia Iervolino, and Devon Tolbert, all of Harleysville.

At Coastal Carolina University: Catherine McFadden of Collegeville, to the president’s list with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

At Hofstra University: Masashi Kimura of Schwenksville was named to the provost’s list with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Also, named to the dean’s list, Jacob Huller of Schwenksville, Chloe Pearson of Collegeville, and Jessica Wimmenauer of Harleysville.

At Cedarville University: Alex Istrate, Adora Istrate, and Addison Woelkers, all of Pennsburg; Shelby Holinka of Schwenksville; and Malena Jackson, Maxwell Bubnis, Abigail Delp, Natalie Reich, Emily Worner, and Andrew Tuttle, all of Harleysville.

At Cedar Crest College: Emily Badman of Pennsburg, Rileigh Hageman of Green Lane, Nicolette Florence of Collegeville, Hannah Kemperman of Perkiomenville, and Talia Watson of Harleysville.

At the University of New Hampshire: Hailey Lui of Collegeville, and Meaghan Corbett of Harleysville.

At Frostburg State University: Emily Moll of Green Lane.

At the University of Delaware: Mackenzie Stamp, Liam Kelley, Shannon Moran, Edward Levin, Alexandra Kuklentz, Emma Groomes, Charles Mitterer, Abigail Peterman, and Morgan Kelley of all of Schwenksville; Michael Yannantuono, Julia Gray, Ryan Beil, Chloe Fisher, Dawson Funk, Bradley Dickerman, Brenna Dankmyer, Colin Leary, Paige Anglace, Brittany Donigan, Victoria Bobowska, Krislyn Milligan, John Roberts, Nicole Pietrzak, Samantha Haas, Ahila Moorthy, Molly Sodicoff, Olivia Massar, Julia Schappell, Zachary Schiffman, Elizabeth Kirsch, Matthew Lausch, Catherine Hoy, Aidan Moffa, and Lucca Bilotti, all of Collegeville; Sara Haney, Allison Cappelli, Sydney Ross, and Kristen Edel, all of Trappe; Samantha Cook, Mariah Mallis, Rebecca Schurr, Elyse DiPisa, Katherine Graboski, Brenna Tento, Jacob Ukropec, and Shea Gabel, all of Harleysville; and Stephen Lesko of Pennsburg.

At Hamilton College: Andrew Coleman of Harleysville.

At SUNY New Paltz: Nikki Bowen of Collegeville.

Starting the Spring 2021 semester

At Northampton Community College: Evan Kehoe of Green Lane; Karina Cloesmeyer, Nathaniel Dunn, Aurora Godshall, Chelsea Harris, and Walter Tang, all of Pennsburg; Laura Rexha of Harleysville; and Kristy Bartholomew of Schwenksville.

Photo by Conger Design via Pixabay, used under license