Mailbox Hit by Lower Salford Plow? See Its Policy

LOWER SALFORD PA – Wash your car just before a rain storm? That’s an oops! Cracking open a lobster without a bib? Definitely an oops. Having a snow plow physically hit your mailbox? Well, Lower Salford admits that, too, is an oops … and one addressed by a written township policy, here.

Municipal and U.S. Postal Service rules about mailboxes exist to define how high they can be, how close to a curb or shoulder they can be, and in some ways how they must be constructed. Among them, the township says: mailboxes must be anchored to withstand being hit by snow or ice a plow throws from the road. If your mailbox tumbles when slush gets tossed, that’s apparently no fault of Lower Salford.

But if it can be proved a township plow made direct contact with a mailbox, Lower Salford’s policy states it will reimburse the owner up to $50 maximum for its replacement. Claims for reimbursement must be made with 48 hours of an incident. If it happens to your mailbox, send an explanatory e-mail before the time limit expires to

As for that car wash or the lobster dinner? You’re on your own.

Photo by zuriel7 via Pixabay, used under license