New Device at Community Health Aids Physical Therapy

COMMUNITY HEALTH ADDS LASER THERAPY – Pottstown-based Community Health & Dental Care (CHDC) has added laser-generated therapeutic pain relief for patients of its physical therapy department, it announced Monday (Feb. 1, 2021). Its MR4 Laserstim-brand equipment (in use with a young patient, at top) is the only device cleared by the federal Food and Drug Administration that combines neurological electrical stimulation and cold laser in a single probe, the medical provider noted. Cold lasers promote natural healing in the body, cause “bruises and swelling to diminish in a few days, pain to be lessened … and neuropathy to be slowed or reversed,” CHDC physical therapist Matthew Musket said. The department also offers individually prescribed therapeutic exercises to address functional impairments or medical condition, manual therapy, treatments to decrease pain without opioids or other medicines, and education and support to manage disabilities during rehabilitation.

Photo supplied by Community Health & Dental Care