‘Grove Student Board Reps Praise Teacher Interaction

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Learning in virtual classes at Pottsgrove High School, as well in-person classes at the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center, has gotten significantly better since the December-January winter holiday, at least according to two students there.

In reports offered Tuesday night (Feb. 9, 2021) during the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors’ meeting by senior Madison Palma and junior Matt Bechtel, both of whom serve as student board representatives, each said they’ve noticed considerable improvement in delivery of course content, and teachers’ use of devices and materials to keep their education interesting.

Pottsgrove parents raised concerns in the current academic year’s first semester that some students involved in remote learning had trouble understanding lessons and could be falling behind in their studies. Board President Robert Lindgren asked Palma and Bechtel to comment Tuesday “how they’ve found classes and attendance after Christmas.”

Bechtel takes classes in person at the career center; Palma is a virtual student.

“I feel like the teachers finally got a better understanding of how to interact with students,” Bechtel noted. “I feel like they’re doing a much better job, and engaging us in learning … Overall I’d say they improved very well.”

Palma strongly agreed. She suggested teachers’ use of iPads after the holiday, and their ability to “incorporate” their screens into lessons by sharing them in “more interactive relationships,” were keeping students at their computers. “I definitely felt more engaged in the classroom” after the vacation break, she said.

Also during their reports:

  • Palma discussed the coming spring arrival of an article about how she and Bechtel work successfully with the high school’s principal team and board members. It was inspired by their participation in an earlier town hall meeting. Its publication in what Palma called a “principal leadership magazine” is due sometime in April.
  • Bechtel described a “normal day” at the career center, and its compliance with coronavirus guidelines issued by the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Photo by The Post