Thursday Storm: Spring-Ford Learners Go Online

ROYERSFORD PA – “With another winter storm on the horizon,” the Spring-Ford Area School District said it will move Thursday (Feb. 18, 2021) to online learning for all students in grades K-12. All district buildings will be closed, and all after-school activities will be canceled or postponed, it added. No transportation will be provided for public, outside services, or non-public schools.

It also noted that, for K-6 students, the day may include both live and asynchronous activities. All students will begin their day with a class meeting. Students can access the virtual meeting using the Canvas page. For 7-12 students, they will follow a normal schedule and may engage in a combination of live synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Photo by Andrea Booher for U.S. FEMA via the National Archives, used within the public domain