Township Snow Budget OK, Just 27 Days to Spring

SANATOGA PA – With comparatively light snow forecast for one or two days this week, Lower Pottsgrove’s Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday (Feb. 18, 2021) wondered ahead of the weather on how the township’s snow plowing and road salt budgets were holding up. Pretty well, Manager Ed Wagner replied, indicating he estimated they’re won be need for additional money … unless Mother Nature turns nasty.

Although he lacked specific numbers while at home during the virtual session, Wagner noted the township had budgeted $50,000 for winter road services during 2021 in its public works budget. That figure should be on track, he suggested, and noted that of 500 tons of salt the township had already or would purchase for the season, only 200 tons or about 40 percent had been used.

That’s with the first day of spring, scheduled for March 20, only 27 days away.

Director of Utilities John Fogel has had no problem buying or taking delivery of salt, Wagner added. That’s a substantial difference from 2018, when the Northeast and other parts of the nation were wracked by winter storms and regional salt supplies were hard to find.

Wagner also reported Fogel had come into work on a Saturday earlier this year to oversee a salt delivery, rather than have that truck’s driver leave and return on a different day. “He didn’t want to risk delaying it,” he said.

Photo from the Lower Pottsgrove Township Facebook page