Perkiomenville Farm Joins Ag Week Observance

Perkiomenville Farm Joins Ag Week Observance

PERKIOMENVILLE PA – The women- and veteran-owned Little Croft Farm, which supplies its member-patrons weekly with seasonal varieties of farm products (above) that include vegetables, eggs, and meat, is participating in the national observance of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Week through Sunday (Feb. 28, 2021).

Little Croft (at top) is located at the Valentine Kratz colonial house and farm in Perkiomenville on the banks of the Perkiomen Creek, where owner Liz Barrett and her family moved in 2014. “As a regenerative, family farm, we are proud of how we grow, using organic practices while building and caring for our soil,” she said Friday (Feb. 19).

“From the moment we first came to the Perkiomen Valley, we fell in love with both our house and the land,” Barrett explains. “Every year has brought a different challenge, but we continue to meet each one head-on, adapting as we learn. Now, with several years of knowledge and experience under our boots, we’re ready to grow for the wider community.”

Across the country, the celebratory week is traditionally one in which new and returning patrons subscribe with farm providers to receive products in the coming growing season. Like Little Croft, most CSA farmers plan and allocate their anticipated production for a limited number of customers. “There has never been a better time to connect with fresh, local food” while helping to support farms and communities more resilient, Barrett suggested.

Many CSA farms offer their products as shares for a single fixed price. Little Croft offers what Barrett calls “a twist” on that tradition to make its products more accessible. Its subscribers can register for a weekly “big box” of weekly produce with between 10 and 14 different vegetables for $30 a week, or “little box” of 5-7 vegetables for $15 weekly.

Those interested can register online, here; or for more information send an e-mail to

Add-ons, like soy-free foods, organic-fed pastured eggs, fresh-cut flowers, microgreens, plant starts for kitchen gardens, and hand-made goat-milk soap will be available periodically as well. The farm also raises Nigerian dwarf goat kids and miniature breed Kunekune piglets.

“We began this journey to provide the best food possible for our family. We are concerned with the sources of our food, the abundance of processed food, and the lack of simple “real” food,” Barrett observed. “Now we are sharing that dream by growing nutrient-dense produce without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.”

Perkiomenville Farm Joins Ag Week Observance

Photos supplied by Little Croft Farm