Wholesale Club in Oaks Sells $4.68M Match 6 Winner

OAKS PA – BJ’s Wholesale Club on Mill Road in Oaks is one of those places where folks buys goods, often in bulk, for less cash than at retail stores. As of Tuesday (Feb. 23, 2021), it might also be known as one of those places where a lucky individual won cash in bulk – $4.68 million before withholdings like taxes – in a drawing for the Pennsylvania Lottery’s Match 6 Lotto jackpot.

The multi-million dollar prize, which according to the Lottery is the eighth-largest jackpot in its history, was awarded to someone yet to be named. That’s because winners can be identified only after prizes are claimed and tickets validated. But his or her or their ticket, bought at BJ’s, correctly matched all six winning numbers: 1-3-4-13-17-26.

The winner, whoever it is, now must follow specific procedures within the next 365 days (before the ticket expires if unclaimed) to seize their cheddar. “Anyone holding a jackpot-winning Match 6 ticket should sign the ticket, and call the Lottery at 800-692-7481, or visit its website, here, to learn how to claim the prize,” the Lottery headquarters in Middletown PA suggested.

If by phone, it’s a safe bet there’ll be a lot of whoopin’ and joyous hollerin’ on at least one end of the line.

In selling the winning ticket the company itself earns a $10,000 bonus. More than 110,500 other Match 6 Lotto tickets also won prizes in the drawing, the Lottery office reported.

Photo from Google Street View; Match 6 logo from the PA Lottery