State Sends 7% Less to Locals in Liquid Fuels Money

HARRISBURG PA – A coronavirus-driven reduction in gasoline tax revenues, resulting from people who stayed at home more and traveled fewer miles than in previous years, means local municipalities will receive about 7 percent less in liquid fuels money during 2021 than they did last year, the state Department of Transportation announced Monday (March 1, 2021).

Statewide, PennDOT said, it is committed to pay out a total of $452.7 million to help qualifying municipalities maintain their roads and bridges. Of that sum, $22.7 million is headed for Montgomery County townships and boroughs; $16.5 million to Chester County; and $14.1 million to Berks County.

Most municipalities rely on PennDOT’s annual distributions to pay for highway and bridge-related expenses, such as snow removal and road repaving. There are 120,596 miles of public roads in Pennsylvania, and of those 73,091 miles are owned by municipalities eligible for liquid fuels funding. The payment formula is based on a municipality’s population and its locally-owned road mileage.

To be eligible for liquid fuels money, the state noted, a roadway must be formally adopted as a public street by the municipality, meet certain dimension requirements, and be able to safely accommodate vehicles driving at least 15 miles an hour.

How much will your municipality get?

Twenty-two municipalities within The Posts’ coverage areas are due to receive funding, according to a list provided by the state. Presented by PennDOT as “net allocations,” these amounts are scheduled for delivery …

In the Greater Pottstown area to:

  • Lower Pottsgrove, $320,494;
  • West Pottsgrove, $108,887;
  • Upper Pottsgrove, $175,349
  • Douglass (Montgomery), $358,249;
  • New Hanover, $389,634; and
  • Pottstown, $579,126;

In the Limerick area to:

  • Limerick, $585,094;
  • Royersford, $119,361;

In the Perkiomen Valley area to:

  • Lower Frederick, $155,636;
  • Lower Salford, $501,489;
  • Perkiomen, $238,509;
  • Salford, $126,006;
  • Skippack, $385,668;
  • Upper Frederick, $111,025;
  • Upper Providence, $633,311;
  • Upper Salford, $124,964;
  • Collegeville, $130,235;
  • Schwenksville, $33,350;
  • Trappe, $95,205; and

In the Upper Perkiomen Valley area to:

  • East Greenville, $69,926;
  • Green Lane, $14,688; and
  • Pennsburg, $92,541.

Photo by The Post