Upper Pottsgrove Police May Have Your Money

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Been missing some cash since Monday (March 1, 2021)? Thinking you might have lost it somewhere on North Hanover Street? The Upper Pottsgrove Police Department, and apparently some unnamed good Samaritan, may be your knights in shining armor.

On its Facebook page Monday night, the department notified the public that “cash had been found” on a North Hanover Street property and was “turned in to the police department.” That’s right: a trustworthy soul not only declined to keep dough that wasn’t theirs, but additionally made an effort to have police find its rightful owner.

The department indicated Upper Pottsgrove Ofc. Larry Hanna is up to that task.

“If you lost some cash in that area, and believe this is yours,” its Facebook post continued, call Hanna in the department at 610-326-8446, Ext. 308. Be ready to answer his questions, too. Specifically, the post stated, he’ll want to know the amount lost and the denominations that make up the sum for your claim to be considered.

And if Hanna is convinced, and if the money’s yours, remember that honesty still pays.

Photo by stevepb via Pixabay, used under license