PECO Claims Fewer Power Outages, Lower Durations

PHILADELPHIA PA – Infrastructure and equipment modernization by PECO, an Exelon-owned utility that supplies electricity to more than 1.6 million customers in portions of western Montgomery County and southeastern Pennsylvania, contributed to more reliable service across the region last year by reducing the number and duration of customer-experienced outages, it said Tuesday (March 2, 2021).

The number of interruptions experienced by customers during 2020, and the average duration of those outages, was the fourth lowest and fifth shortest, respectively, in PECO’s history, it said. Compared to 2019, the number of electric outages decreased 11 percent, and outage length has been reduced by 16 percent, it added.

PECO said it expects to invest about $6 billion in coming years across its electric and natural gas systems to inspect equipment, complete targeted infrastructure enhancements and corrective maintenance, invest in new equipment, and perform vegetation management.

The amount includes an investment from 2021 to 2025 of $1.36 billion on targeted reliability-focused electric system infrastructure improvements to further help to prevent customer outages, modernize the electric grid, reduce the impact of extreme weather on electric infrastructure, and support the adoption of clean energy resources.

Specialized equipment known as reclosers, which can automatically restore service or isolate damage, are among new technologies reportedly being used by PECO. More than 3,000 reclosers have been installed across its service territory, which it claimed have avoided more than two million power outages during the last two years.