Libertarian Philosophy Spurs ChesCo Essay Contest

WEST CHESTER PA – Public, private, charter, or home-schooled students who are Chester County residents, at least 13 years old, and in grades 7-12 are eligible to compete in a new essay contest sponsored by the Chester County Libertarian Party. Titled “The Future of Freedom,” the contest features prizes of $250, $150, and $100 to first through third place winners, respectively.

The inaugural essay theme, party Vice Chair Jaquelyn Crane said, is “Unlawful Laws.”

Party members are asking students to “identify laws that are silly, unnecessary, or unconstitutional and should therefore be removed from our books.” County Libertarians hope to encourage discussions about the nature of our legal system and the purpose of our laws, “as well as the unintended consequences of poorly designed legislation.” Crane said.

Crane explained the party believes “there are already too many laws. Local, state, and national governments are quick to create new legislation, but rarely do they repeal a law, even when these laws can’t be supported by – or even flat out defy” state or national constitutions.

The contest asks students to submit short essays of 500 words or less. A review committee will judge the essays based on originality, adherence to topic, strength of supporting information, and overall quality of writing. The deadline for essay submissions is May 1 (2021; Saturday).

Contest rules and eligibility are available online, here.

Photo by 193584 via Pixabay, used under license