One Injured Saturday in Limerick Field, Woods Fire

LIMERICK PA – A woods-and-field fire (at top, above and below) that occurred Saturday (March 13, 2021) after 12:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Steinmetz Road, near its intersection with Laver Road in Limerick Township, prompted Montgomery County emergency dispatchers to send several first responder units to the scene. Firefighters spent about 90 minutes extinguishing the flames and addressing hot spots.

A resident of the property attempted unsuccessfully to put out the fire with buckets of water, according to a WFMZ-TV report. It also said the individual was hospitalized after suffering burns to the arms, hands, legs, and chest. Six so-called “outbuildings” and equipment stored outdoors were damaged or destroyed, according to one report.

One Injured Saturday in Limerick Field, Woods Fire

The fire is being investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police fire marshal.

It produced thick gray smoke that reduced visibility and made fighting the flames more dangerous. Fire crept up the trunks of a few trees in the forested part of the landscape, causing at least one to be cut down to douse the spread. Equipment lying on the ground, covered by overgrown weeds and grasses, presented ankle-twisting challenges but no firefighter injuries were reported.

Among those responding were the Limerick, Perkiomen, Lower Frederick, Upper Frederick, and New Hanover fire departments and companies, emergency medical services personnel with an ambulance, and Limerick Township police.

Photos by Ted Hodgins of the Perkiomen Fire Company, used by The Post with permission