Douglass (Berks) Police Patrols Busy During February

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – Officers in the Douglass (Berks) Police Department dealt with five motor vehicle crashes, five disabled vehicles, four individuals alleged to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance, one reckless driver, and issued a total of 46 traffic citations during February 2021, the department’s CrimeWatch website reported.

They also accounted during the month for a total of 12 arrests, according to department statistics released March 8 (Monday).

Additionally, officers investigated one auto theft, three reports of criminal mischief, two instances of disorderly conduct, five drug-related cases, two reported frauds, one theft, one occurrence of trespassing, five incidents involving welfare checks, and eight incidents labeled as “suspicious situations.”

Patrol units also handled four alarms, six circumstances dealing with animals, a missing person report, apprehended one fugitive, and responded to 26 calls for assistance to emergency medical services and fire first responder units.

Photo from the Douglass (Berks) Township Police webpage