Home Gun Business Hearing Recessed to March 30

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – A Lower Pottsgrove Zoning Hearing Board public session that was scheduled for Tuesday night (March 16, 2021) to discuss a special exception, being sought to operate a “low-impact home-based” firearms, ammunition, and gun-related services business in the residential neighborhood on Deer Ridge Drive, was recessed until later this month.

Board Solicitor Kenneth Picardi suggested, and members voted their agreement, that continuing the hearing at the later date in a setting that could better accommodate those interested in the proposal would be “fair” to both the applicant, Jeffrey Labombard, and the prospective audience. The hearing is now set for March 30 (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. at Sunnybrook Ballroom, 50 Sunnybrook Rd.

The proposed location of the firearms business, at 2013 Deer Ridge Dr., sufficiently concerned the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners that it earlier this month voted to send township Manager Ed Wagner to the hearing as its representative. Commissioners will ask the zoning board to consider potential additional reasonable requirements to be included in its consent, if any, for the exception.

The exception application is available at the township office, 2199 Buchert Rd. (at top), for public review during regular business hours in advance of the recessed and to-be-continued hearing. Members of the public who have opinions or comments to offer and are considered qualified by the zoning hearing board will be offered an opportunity to speak during the meeting.

Anyone needing accommodations to attend the hearing is asked to call Wagner in advance at 610-323-0436.

Photo by The Post