Car Caught Fire Saturday on East Schuylkill Road

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Saturday proved to be a hot kind of night, and not in a good way, for the driver of a car and its occupants on East Schuylkill Road, the North Coventry Police Department indicated.

Its officers responded Saturday (March 20, 2021) at 7:44 p.m. to a call regarding a fire in a car stopped along the 1200 block of East Schuylkill, according to the department’s CrimeWatch website. Police arrived to find the vehicle pulled off on the highway’s north shoulder, with flames coming from the front. All occupants had safely fled the vehicle, and advised police they were not injured.

North Coventry Fire Company volunteers also were sent to the scene, and extinguished the blaze.

Police learned from the driver that the car earlier that day had been in an auto repair shop to have its “shifter” fixed. The operator added the group was on its “way home, traveling west on Route 724, when they smelled something burning and pulled to the side,” the report stated. They got out of the vehicle first, saw it was afire second, and then called for help.

The vehicle sustained disabling damage and could not be driven, so it was towed from the scene.

North Coventry firefighter helmet in a 2008 photo by The Post