Feel That Thump? It’s the Pottsgrove Concert Band

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – It was May 2016 and, compared to pandemic times, the end of what many once considered a normal school year loomed only a few weeks away. Members of the Pottsgrove High School Concert Band (at top) took to the stage in Radel Auditorium for their spring performance.

One of the snappiest numbers in the opening set was a piece called “Ruckus,” composed by Randall Standridge of Grand Mesa Music. Its publisher, JW Pepper, describes Ruckus as “loud, boisterous, aggressive and mixed meter. Heavy percussion and thumping rhythm give this piece a decidedly urban feel.”

The Post pulled the band’s unedited performance from its archives, and posted the 3-minute-34-second clip Thursday (March 25, 2021) to its SoundCloud account. It’s embedded below.

Photo by The Post