Officer, Responding on Call, Helps Deliver Newborn

UPPER PROVIDENCE PA – Upper Providence Police Ofc. Jacob Allen, who usually relies on township highways to get him from place to place, probably never expected a roadside vehicle to serve as a makeshift emergency room in which he starred as a medical staffer. With that, though, he and a newborn infant now share a common bond, the police department website reported Wednesday (March 31, 2021).

Allen was dispatched March 19 (Friday) at 2:10 a.m. to assist on a maternity call in which a woman was actively giving birth. She and her companion has stopped their car on a road shoulder – it’s location wasn’t mentioned, nor was the family’s name – and in a mild state of distress tried to deliver their baby … who decided to arrive before they could reach a nearby medical facility.

Allen came in time to help and – once the birth was completed, the department stated – he wrapped the baby in a blanket and cradled it in a stable position until responding emergency medical technicians also pulled up to the scene.

Almost two weeks later, the newly expanded family members took to the highways themselves, traveling Wednesday to the Black Rock Road police station to personally thank Allen (at top) for his efforts. He also received a commendation from Police Chief Mark Toomey.

“Officer Allen’s professional conduct, and calm approach to a serious medical emergency, secured the successful outcome of a incredibly important event to this couple and their newborn baby,” Toomey wrote. He and the department offered “congratulations to the family on the birth of their newest addition.”

Photo supplied by the Upper Providence Police Department