More Tree-Trimming in Pottstown, Upper Pottsgrove

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Tree-trimming work persists next Monday through Friday (April 12-16, 2021) daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Route 100, between its King Street interchange in Pottstown and Farmington Avenue interchange in Upper Pottsgrove, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced. It will result in right-lane closures on that portion of the highway in both directions.

Drivers are advised to allow extra time when traveling through the work areas. Slowdowns may occur. All scheduled activities depend on acceptable weather and are subject to change, the state noted. The work will comply with Centers for Disease Control and state Department of Health guidance, as well as a project-specific COVID-19 safety plan.

Photo in the public domain via PxHere, used under a Creative Commons license