Six Companies’ Firefighters Respond at South Street

POTTSTOWN PA – A house fire (at top) discovered Tuesday (April 13, 2021) shortly after 11 a.m. in the 1000 block of South Street appeared to make its way with few if any visible exterior flames from a first-floor roof into rooms on the second floor facing the street. Firefighters from several companies responded to Montgomery County emergency dispatcher calls for assistance.

Six Companies' Firefighters Respond at South Street

Dispatchers reported workers were atop the roof at 1071 South St. when they saw smoke emanating from it but no flames. They attempted to contain the fire but could not, and called for help while evacuating the site. Arriving at the scene was apparatus from Pottstown, Sanatoga, Limerick, West End Stowe, New Hanover, and Upper Providence, as well as Pottstown police, Goodwill ambulance, and fire police units.

Six Companies' Firefighters Respond at South Street

The block and side streets were filled with engines, some waiting at the ready should they be needed. Traffic at both ends of the block was detoured by fire police. Small crowds of watchers, many of them from nearby homes, came out to porches and sidewalks to follow the activity. Among them was a young child who was proudly told by a caretaker that “Pop-Pop” was working as one of the first responders.

No injuries were reported. The building incurred smoke, water, and other damage as firefighters used saws and additional tools to uncover burning areas.

Photos by The Post