College Theatre Arts Presenting Two Virtual Shows

POTTSTOWN PA – If the pandemic has reaffirmed anything for the Theatre Arts Program at Montgomery County Community College, it’s that the show must go on … even if that means the show is performed from your own home, and the audience is watching on a computer screen.

The college will host two online theatrical productions during April, presenting “Men on Boats,” Thursday through Sunday (April 15-18, 2021); and “Nothing Is As It Seems: An Original Play Festival,” April 22-25 (also Thursday through Sunday).

Each show is open to the public. Tickets are on sale now for “Men on Boats,” here; and for “Nothing Is As It Seems,” here. Both productions contain some mature content.

This won’t be the first time the Theatre Arts program will hold online performances. Last fall it presented a recorded production of “Alice in Wonderland” and a live production of “The Interference.” Students learned a lot from those experiences and are applying those this time around.

‘Men On Boats,’ a satirical comedy

The West End Student Theatre and the Theatre Arts Program present “Men on Boats,” with its virtual curtain rising April 15-17 at 7 p.m., and a final performance April 18 at 2 p.m. The satirical comedy, based on the real journal entries of the expedition explorer John Wesley Powell, is about 10 clueless explorers chartering the Colorado River into Grand Canyon in 1869.

The cast and design team for “Men on Boats” includes Genevieve Evans, Mersha Wambua, Amanda Ackerman, Maddie Hogeland, Allison Munsey, Mitchie Murphy, Lilli Doty, Angelina Reilly, Ava Kohn-Ciriello, Kira Ariyamitr, Lilli Doty, Eric Habermehl, Kyle McLaughlin, Jacob Grando, Hannah Moore, Carly Morris, Diomira Keane, and Andrew Campbell. Denise Wash created and designed the poster for the production.

‘Nothing Is As It Seems,’ a series of short plays

The Drama Club and Theatre Arts Program present “Nothing Is As It Seems: An Original Play Festival,” running April 22-24 at 7 p.m., with a final performance April 25 at 2 p.m. These short plays were written, directed, performed, and designed entirely by MCCC students.

The students involved include Nathan Schwarz, Jacob Grando, Sunny Funkhouser, Lily Isajiw, Min Kim, Misha Chandarana, Talia Petras, Haley Simmonds, Tykeisha Emily, Lena Dry, Loue Repsik, Diomira Keane, Genevieve Evans, Elijah Best, Richard Park, Gary Logoleo-Taylor, Xin Wang, Tyler Sanderson, Jack DiFiore, Tina Ursta, Jordan Hamim, Maddie Hogeland, Ava Kohn-Ciriello, John Griffith, Lillian Doty, Gabrielle Easterling, Sharry Pak, Leigh Collins, and Eric Habermehl. Megan Stoler created and designed the poster for the performance.

Poster photos supplied by MCCC